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On June 16, no one was prepared for what was about to happen that morning. Everyone woke up to the news that a new twenty one pilots song had been “leaked.” They scrambled to find the new audio through twitter, tumblr, youtube, you name it – they were there. And when they found it, it was like a calming rush of endorphins flooding their veins.

Twenty one pilots released a song called “Heathens” that is set to be on the Suicide Squad soundtrack that will come out August 5th of this year.

Heathen is “a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not a Christina, Jew, or Muslim) as regarded by those who do” according to the Oxford Dictionary.

“Heathens” is not like any twenty one pilots song they have ever created. It’s slow and eerie. The simple piano notes in the beginning and Tyler Joseph’s overlapping vocals gives off a haunting vibe. Josh Dun’s drums are calm and steady, which is different from the classic twenty one pilots song where the beat relies heavily on the loud drums. It may be different from previous works, but it still sounds amazing. The production and quality is flawless and it’s super immersive – which is perfect for a song that is set to be on a movie soundtrack.

You can tell it’s during the period of Blurryface because you can even hear his voice throughout the song. Whether it’s in the background or when he warns the listeners by saying “watch it” in a deep and short tone.

The lyrics are mysterious and sinister. Tyler Joseph does an amazing job at creating theses unique metaphors and hidden meanings in his songs. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that “Heathens” is the same.

During the verses, the drum beat sounds similar to “Stressed Out”. This is very interesting due to the controversy within the Skeleton Clique (which is what twenty one pilots fans call themselves) over that song. Since the overwhelming mainstream popularity of their single “Stressed Out,” many new fans have appeared. The older fans are more reluctant to accept them due to the assumption that they are “fake fans” and don’t understand the real meaning behind the songs.

While the lyrics fit perfectly for a movie about villains and “freakshows,” it can also be a reference to the new fans in the clique. Tyler sings “We don’t deal with outsiders very well/they say newcomers have a certain smell/you have trust issues, not to mention/they say they can smell your intentions.” He recognizes the conflict, but doesn’t exactly take a stand on this issue. Perhaps he just wants it to be known that he knows that this is going on. And through this maybe the clique can understand that it’s not about who was here first – but rather that we are all here and love what twenty one pilots makes us feel.

Twenty one pilots has once again surprised us all with a new song that keeps their sound fresh and interesting. They don’t just spit out song after song to get their music out. They understand how important each song is to the clique and the duty they have to make each one of them as best as it can be. They don’t create basic and meaningless songs so that can be played on the radio (it just so happened that one of their great songs was well liked by everyone). They truly care about their art and their fans. “Heathens” is one for the books and I can’t wait to hear it live.

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Rating: 5/5

Favorite Lyrics:
We don’t deal with outsiders very well/they say newcomers have a certain smell/you have trust issues, not to mention/they say they can smell your intentions

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