They are back!

We are going to be able to listen to a new album soon! Actually, they first started this as an EP, but they decided to turn it into an album. Here’s Jaret’s explanation:

when we decided to go into the studio this summer, I thought an EP was the best move. Not really for any reason other than time. I think the future for BFS is less music, more often. I hate waiting 2 years between releases. And I really like recording! An EP is usually like 5 songs. We recorded 8 already. So I said F–K IT! Drunk Dynasty is going to be 10 songs! Best of all, we aren’t increasing the price for the album on our pledge campaign. Folks can still go to and get it for the EP price and be included in all the exclusive updates! In addition, I want to keep the price as low as possible when we release to the public! Either way, I am just SUPER stoked for everyone to hear this sh*t!

We can’t wait!